Conventionally Asked Questions:

Besides managers, mentoring, and leadership success, what do you speak on?

Nothing! My expertise lies in this specific area. If you need another topic, I’ll attempt to make a suggestion for an alternative speaker.

Why should we hire Ann Tardy?

Anyone who is interested in investing in their managers – the core of every business – is ideal for me. My programs are chocked with enormous content, fresh ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and passion! If you are looking for ideas that be implemented immediately, my program is probably ideal for you.

I have been influencing the success of managers and the middle layer of organizations for over ten years. Prior to my speaking and consulting practice, I worked as a corporate attorney in Silicon Valley helping entrepreneurs launch their companies and secure venture financing.

My clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs, large sales forces, associations – anyone seeking to improve the success of their managers. I am constantly researching my topic and my audience to insure that my programs are relevant and meaningful.

What kind of audiovisual equipment do you need?

I will provide you with an audio-visual request in writing prior to the event. Typically, I need a LCD projector, a screen, and a lavaliere. Every audience has visual learners, and I like to insure that I am serving everyone in the audience.

Do you work with bureaus or agents?

I am happy to partner with bureaus and agents. Further, I will do my part to promote the bureau or agent to the client and work to secure additional, spin off business.

Do you ever waive your fee?

Yes. I waive my fee for a few programs each year. I allow for three. If my calendar is full for this year, you may apply for next year. These programs may be for businesses, corporations, and non-profits. Since my business is “for profit”, I can only do a certain number each year, or I’d be a lousy businesswoman and a pathetic role model for your audience!

I work just as hard on my pro bono programs as a I do on my paid programs. Therefore, I will insist that they are handled just as a paid presentation would be handled.

In order for me to agree to waive my fee, certain restrictions may apply. Give me a call and we can discuss. If the program is out of town, expenses must be included.

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"Ann is one of the most inspiring and energetic people I have ever met. Her enthusiasm is infectious and will get you up and moving towards your goals before you know what has hit you. I’ve had the pleasure to see her speak several times, and she always creates a buzz that reverberates through the whole room. If you need someone to motivate your employees with a down-to-earth, effective, “tough love” touch, Ann is THE person to do it!"
Erika Willett Kosina
Communications and Events Coordinator
Sierra Harvest

Outstanding Business Woman of the Year

by the American Business Women´s Association

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