My OrangeTheory Fitness coach shouted these words to us in the 7:00am class:

If you don’t push your limits,
your limits never change!

Research suggests that a significant portion of our grit is mental, not physical.

The 40% Rule
Billionaire Jesse Itzler hired Navy SEAL David Goggins to live with him for 31 days and whip him into shape. (Jesse documented the experience in his book Living with a Seal.)

Goggins immediately introduced the 40% Rule: when your mind tells you you’ve reached your limit, you’re actually only 40% done.

Example: Goggins challenged Jesse with pull-ups. Jesse did 8 and collapsed. Goggins gave him a 30-second break and asked for more. Incredulous, Jesse did 6 and declared he was done! Goggins waited 30 seconds. Grudgingly, Jesse found 4 more… They continued until he reached 100.

The 3x Rule
When I started cycling, I learned we can pedal 3x as long as our longest training ride. Soon my 20-mile ride became a 60-mile ride, then my first century, then my first double century (200 miles in one day… a grueling 17-hour experience).

I pushed my limit, and my limit changed!

Our limits sound like this:

  • I’ve never done that before…
  • I don’t have time…
  • I can’t get up that early…
  • I wouldn’t know how…
  • I can’t imagine…

So how do we push our limits?

  1. Notice them
  2. Rethink what’s possible (ask a Mentor for a fresh perspective!)
  3. Take on new experiences – experiment!
  4. Challenge the comfortable
  5. When you think you’re done, take a break and try again

Grit is essential, not just in the gym or on a bike, but in our lives (the gym and bike simply allow us to practice our perseverance).

Bottom line: our remarkable only happens outside of our limits!

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